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State Vehicle Inspection

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What does a Texas state car inspection involve?


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A Texas state car inspection involves checking more than 20 areas of the vehicle for safety and functionality. As of 2015, areas that are inspected in passenger cars include the vehicle’s horn, brakes, wheel assembly, exhaust system and window tint. The inspector also checks the car’s seat belts, mirrors, tires, beam indicator and other parts for compatibility.


What is involved in state inspection certification?


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Vehicle safety inspection requirements vary by state and type of vehicle, but all inspections entail a trained individual confirming that certain vehicle components meet state vehicle safety standards. Inspectors generally confirm that a vehicle’s steering system, brake system, wheels, tires and fuel system are in acceptable condition and working properly.


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What are some of the things that vehicle inspections check?


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The list of vehicle components to be checked during a vehicle inspection varies by state, but always includes safety items, such as brakes, seat belts, lights, electrical systems and wheel assembly. A vehicle inspection check also inspects a vehicle’s exhaust, fuel and emission systems. Most states also check the vehicle’s documentation, including proof of liability insurance and registration certificate





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